Joanna Rutkowska

Qubes OS Release Enhances Security Via Domain Isolation

With the deluge of malware and advanced attacks continuing unabated, security approaches that sandbox applications or isolate processes are garnering increased attention. Researcher Joanna Rutkowska and Invisible Things Lab were the latest to go in that direction with the official release on Tuesday of the Qubes operating system.

On the Latest Java Vulnerability and the New Qubes OS

Dennis Fisher and Ryan Naraine discuss the new vulnerability in Java, whether the Internet works without Java and the new operating system released by security researcher Joanna Rutkowska.[swf

The reality of System Management Mode attacks

By Peter Ferrie, Microsoft
Another day arrives and, with it, another way to run code. This time, it’s executing arbitrary code in System Management Mode (SMM) memory. That sounds kind of exciting, right? A SMM rootkit? Does that mean that we need an anti-malware scanner for SMM memory now? Or will it just fade away? All this and more will be answered shortly. But first…

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