Joe Grand

How I Got Here: Joe Grand

How I Got Here: Joe Grand

Dennis Fisher talks with Joe “Kingpin” Grand about his childhood taking apart early PCs and radios, his introduction to the BBS and early phreaking and hacking scene in Boston, his involvement with the L0pht, @stake and now his current life as an engineer running Grand Idea Studios.​

Joe Grand on Hardware Hacking and the JTAGulator

Dennis Fisher talks with Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio about his current project, the JTAGulator, which helps hardware hackers find the OCD connections on devices. They also discuss Joe’s hardware-hacking background and the current resurgence of hardware research.

In this Network World interview at SOURCE Boston, well-known hardware hacker Joe ‘Kingpin’ Grand talks about lessons rom the “Prototype This” show, the changing face of security research and his upcoming vulnerability assessment work.  The video also includes an interview with Dan Kaminsky about his DNS vulnerability.

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