Koobface botnet

Koobface Gang Apparently Hiding in Plain Sight

The individuals allegedly responsible for wreaking havoc on Facebook with the infamous Koobface botnet are living lavishly, blatantly flaunting their ill-gotten gains and taking little precautions to cover their tracks. Their locations, travels, business ventures, social media personas, Internet and real-life identities are apparently well-documented, but no one seems to be able to do anything about it.

SEO Scareware Campaign Compromises 200K Websites

Security researchers have detected a massive blackhat SEO (search engine optimization) campaign consisting of over 200,000 compromised web sites, all redirecting to fake security software (Inst_58s6.exe), commonly referred to as scareware. The massive blackat SEO campaign has been launched by the same people who operate/or manage the campaigns for the Koobface botnet. Read the full article. [ZDNet]

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