lost devices

Symantec Experiment: Half Of Those Who Find Smartphones Don’t Return Them

Good Samaritans are few and far between when it comes to lost cell phones, according to the conclusions of a social experiment conducted by security firm Symantec. Smart phones are unlikely to be returned by those who find them, but very likely to be perused for sensitive data including photos, social media applications and banking applications.

Tastes Like Chicken: Industrial Shredder Eats PCs, Peripherals

Data leaked from lost, stolen or recycled IT equipment is a major, major issue. News reports about the reams of data that can be retrieved from the hard drives and memory of second hand PCs are nothing new. Organizations like the IEEE have been calling attention to the insecure storage of data for more than a decade. Enterprising reporters have subsequently found that all kinds of devices – from discarded cell phones to printers and scanners – might continue to carry.

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