Slideshow: Bad Apples: Mac Malware through the Years

VIEW SLIDESHOW Mac Malware through the YearsWith the recent glut of high profile Mac-based malware like MacDefender and Flashback, it’s easy to forget that Macintosh computers (and Mac malware) have been kicking around for more than thirty years – longer, even, than Windows malware. In fact, the first documented Mac virus actually predated some of the first PC viruses by a good four years.

A Rocky Road Ahead for Apple On Security

Computer security experts have been forecasting the arrival of malicious programs that target Apple’s products for so long that they had begun to sound like the kind of Rapturistas and Mayan Calendar sleuths that we all (smartly) ignore. But if May didn’t bring Harold Camping’s Judgement Day, as predicted
(Update: its now October 21st, y’all!), it did prove those Apple
doomsayers correct as real Mac-focused crimeware and rogue antivirus
appeared in the wild.

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