Malware Spam

LinkedIn Members Targeted by Botnet Malware

[img_assist|nid=6881|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=100|height=100]Members of LinkedIn who clicked on fake connection requests sent users to a Website that displayed “PLEASE
WAITING…4 SECONDS” before redirecting them to Google. During those 4
seconds, the Website downloaded Zeus data-theft malware onto their PCs. Read the full article. [eWEEK]

Malware-Spiked Spam Uses Lure

[img_assist|nid=5775|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=90|height=90]A currently spamvertised malware campaign is brand-jacking,
in an attempt to trick end users into visiting a client-side exploits
serving URL. Read the full article. [ZDNet]

Fake Government Email Spam Hides Zbot

[img_assist|nid=5423|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=100]Attention-piquing malicious spam emails purportedly coming from the DHS,
the Pentagon or the Transportation Security Administration have
recently been spotted by researchers. Read the full article. [Help Net Security]

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