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Google is rolling out a new policy that will force all Windows and Mac users to install Chrome extensions only from the Chrome Web store. The company last year began enforcing this policy for Windows users on the main, stable channel for Chrome. Google offers several different channels for Chrome users, depending upon their tolerance[…]


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The earthquake that hit Nepal late last month has caused untold damage in the region and kicked off a massive relief and aid effort. Attackers are loathe to let a chance like that go by, and they have concocted a number of schemes to deprive victims of their money and hope for relief funds. Aid organizations[…]


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Malware that uses macros as part of its infection method has been around for more than a decade, and was one of the first major techniques to drive changes at software vendors such as Microsoft. The tactic has been making a comeback of late, and Microsoft is seeing a major spike in the volume of[…]