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Stanford Hospital Suffers Second Data Breach in a Year

Less than a year after its last data breach, Stanford University’s Hospital and Clinics and the School of Medicine has begun to notify approximately 2,500 patients of a second breach after the theft of a laptop from a physician’s locked office.

HealthNet Data Breach Affects 1.5 Mil Customers

Health Net Inc. announced Wednesday that it is investigating a
healthcare data security breach that resulted in the loss of patient
data, affecting 1.5 million customers. The healthcare provider
said the lost files, a mixture of medical data, Social Security numbers
and other personally identifiable information, were collected over the
past seven years and contained on a portable external hard drive. The company said the healthcare data was not
encrypted, but was formatted as images and required a specific software
application to be viewed. Read the full article. [TechTarget]

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