Microsoft Bing

Hack Puts Spotlight on Malware’s Long Tail: Parked Domains

They’re the dusty corners of the Web: so-called “parked” domains. But these little trafficked sites are attracting the attention of security experts, who say that it’s time for hosting firms and others that profit from them to clean up malware infections that may be exposing millions of Web users to attacks.

Microsoft Threatens Discoverer of ‘Cash Back’ Loophole in Bing

The security glitch, which is linked to a “cash back” system
operated by Bing, potentially leaves users and retailers exposed to
fake transactions. But despite an outcry online over the existence of
the loophole, the world’s largest company has responded to the issue by
threatening legal action against the man who discovered the problem. First launched last year, before Microsoft rebranded
its search website, the affiliate scheme offers users the chance to
earn money back for every product they buy through the service. Read the full article. []

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