mobile applications

The Google Play store has been an Eden for hackers wanting to get malicious code onto Android devices. A number of things made the marketplace too tempting for attackers to resist, including the open source nature of the operating system, lax vetting of developers, and the ability to modify code in runtime by pushing app updates from outside the store.

A significant flaw in the mobile application KLIK has been fixed to prevent Facebook and Twitter users from having their accounts hijacked.KLIK is a camera app that uses face recognition to tag friends in Facebook photos in real time. It also apparently granted access to KLIK users’ private authentication tokens for Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing them to be taken over by another user.

Law enforcement officials in Maryland have issued a warning about the increasing use of smart phones and Web based services to listen in on law enforcement radio transmissions. Gang members, officials warn, are using the smart phone apps to get a jump on enforcement efforts and, in at least one case, to evade capture during a foot chase.

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