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Mobile Payments: Is Security Taking a Back Seat?

As smartphone technology evolves so does the way we access and interact with the Internet. Today your smartphone is used both as a phone and a computer. For many users, in 3-5 years your smartphone will also become your wallet. With new applications being developed daily, the mobile payments market is expected to reach unprecedented  growth by 2014. As this market rapidly expands, is security taking a back seat to technology?

U.S. Playing Catch Up in Security for Contactless Devices

AMHERST, MASS.– The U.S. may boast the world’s largest economy, richest technology companies and a lion’s share of its top research universities. But when it comes to the subject of security of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) and other contactless technologies, America is still playing catch-up.

Google announced its long-awaited mobile payments platform, Google
Wallet, in New York City on Thursday. The company claims it will
revolutionize commerce. But with stories about massive data breaches and
hacks an almost daily occurance, consumers are most concerned about
whether Google Wallet is secure. Here’s what you need to know.

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