Razvan Manole Cernaianu, perhaps better known as Tinkode, the hacker who gained notoriety after allegedly compromising a number of websites, including those of NASA, the European Space Agency, and Sun Microsystems, was recently arrested in Romania.

Hackers interfered with two U.S. satellites on four separate occasions in the last few years, according to a draft of a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission obtained by Bloomberg BusinessWeek on Thursday. The attacks are believed to have been orchestrated from China.

A recent audit of NASA’s computer network found the agency’s infrastructure fraught with security holes, many of which have been known about for months, yet remain unpatched, according to a report by the space agency’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

The words “cyber war” were in the headlines this week, as controversy and debate about the leak of confidential diplomatic cables by Wikileaks reached a fever pitch. As speculation turned to the fallout from the ongoing publication of documents, the U.S. government laid the groundwork to prevent similar breaches while two browsers announced changes for upcoming builds. Read on for the full week in review.

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