Anonymous-Linked Attacks Hit US Stock Exchanges

The Websites of the NASDAQ and BATS stock exchanges as well as the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) were knocked offline for parts of Monday and Tuesday after coming under a sustained online attack by a group with links to Anonymous.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission voted on Tuesday to impose new rules to help oversee what experts warn is a burgeoning and little understood shadow market of ultra high-speed, computer based trading. But one security expert warns that new reporting rules are only part of the problem. High frequency trading systems are also dangerously insecure, with few protections against manipulation by outside actors or rogue insiders. 

NASDAQ OMX, owners and operators of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, reported
this weekend that their systems had been infiltrated by unknown hackers. According
to a report in the New York
NASDAQ OMX contacted federal law enforcement officials after discovering suspicious
files in a part of their US server that is not related to trading.

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