Nick Selby

Bridging The Gap Between IT And Law Enforcement

One of the big impediments to prosecuting computer crimes is getting law enforcement to pursue computer crimes with the same intensity that they do traditional property and violent crimes. But that’s easier said than done. At the recent B-Sides San Francisco Conference, sat down with Nick Selby, a Managing Director at IT security consulting firm Trident Risk Management to talk about the gulf that separates the “guns and badges” folks from the world of IT security.

After The Hack: Tips For Working With Local Law Enforcement

SAN FRANCISCO–If you are in business long enough, you’re going to get hacked and you’re going to have to call the cops. Maybe you’ll need their help finding the perpetrators of a crime in which your business was victimized. Maybe employees will have conducted a crime involving IT, or maybe you’ll simply be asked to help investigate a crime conducted against someone else. The fact is: your business will engage with law enforcement at some point, and you better be prepared. Sadly, few businesses today are. 

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