Mobile, Android Threats Continued Sharp Growth in 2011

The occurrence of mobile malware increased by 155 percent across all platforms in 2011, and, according to Juniper Network’s 2011 Mobile Threat Report, malware specifically targeting the Android operating system saw its own increase of more than 3,000 percent.

Did Apple, RIM and Nokia Help The Indian Government Spy On The U.S.?

Documents purportedly lifted from Indian government servers contain explosive allegations: that leading Western firms including Apple Corp., Research in Motion and Nokia provided the government with secret access to mobile devices their mobile operating systems- access that the Indian government then used to spy on official, high-level conversations about trade relations between the U.S. and China.

From The H Security
Symbian, found in many mobile phones, especially those from Nokia, is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems and has now been in use for more than ten years. It continues to be viewed as a very secure operating system, with special security functions and a certification system which help to ensure that only signed code can run with high privileges. Anti-virus vendors occasionally report new malware capable of running on the Symbian platform, but so far none have managed to spread widely. Read the full story [The H Security].

From IDG News (Jeremy Kirk)

Criminals are willing to pay thousands of euros for a discontinued Nokia mobile phone with a software problem that can be exploited to hack into online bank accounts [], according to a fraud investigator in the Netherlands.

About 10 days ago, investigators observed someone transfer €25,000 (US$32,413) for a Nokia 1100 phone, said Frank Engelsman of Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations. The candy-bar style phone is one of Nokia’s all-time best-selling models, and originally sold for under €100. Read the full story []

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