Obama Administration

Attorney General Holder Announces Probe Into Cyberwar Leaks

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has issued an assignment to the U.S. District Attorneys to start an investigation into possible leaks of classified information, presumably by individuals within the Obama administration who recently spoke anonymously about the administration’s ties to the development of Stuxnet.

This is the first in a two-part interview with Aaron Barr, the former CEO of HBGary FederalEach of us has made mistakes in our lives – woeful errors that we’ve been forced to learn from at great personal cost. Blessedly, those painful experiences are typically private affairs. Tears are spilled. Mea culpas are issued to those we’ve wronged, then we, the folks we hurt and the storm clouds move on.

A New Report from a Washington D.C. think tank with ties to the Obama
Administration says the U.S. needs to overhaul its cyber security
planning and issue a kind of Monroe Doctrine for cyber space to
discourage attacks against U.S. interests.

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