Obvious Passwords

Gawker Roadkill? How To Find Out and Recover

CLARIFICATION: This story corrects information concerning the availability of the stolen account names and passwords online.
Millions of Web users are waking up to news that broke over the weekend that systems belonging to Gawker Media were hacked and password data on millions of user accounts published on the Internet. How can you figure out if your e-mail and password were among more than a million that were stolen? Read on for instructions on figuring out if you’re one of the victims of the Gawker attack, and what to do about it.

Twitter Protects Against Bad Passwords

The micro-blogging service rejects 370 passwords when new users sign up if
it thinks they are too easy to guess. However, bloggers recently discovered
that the list of banned passwords is embedded in the source code of the page
itself. Read the full article. [Telegraph UK]

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