Office 2010

MS Discovers Over 1,800 Office 2010 Bugs

Microsoft uncovered more than 1,800 bugs in
Office 2010 by tapping into the unused computing horsepower of idling
PCs. Office developers
found the bugs by running millions of “fuzzing” tests, said Tom
Gallagher, senior security test lead with Microsoft’s Trustworthy
Computing group. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

Microsoft Struts Office 2010 ‘Sandbox’ Security

From Computerworld (Gregg Keizer)
Microsoft’s plan to “sandbox” documents in the next version of Office looks like a “very good step forward,” according to one security analyst.
Last week, Microsoft revealed more details about a new security feature in Office 2010, dubbed “Protected View,” that is designed to shut down the popular hacker tactic of feeding users rigged Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.  Read the full story []

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