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Taiwan Struggles To Combat Attacks From China

Cyber crime, online fraud and copyright infringement are growing rapidly in Taiwan as law enforcement officials, law makers and the courts struggle to stay abreast of the problem, according to a local prosecutor says.

Researcher Finds Infiltration Flaw in Zeus Botnet

A security researcher has discovered a potentially crippling
vulnerability in one of the most widely used botnet toolkits, a finding
that makes it easy for blackhats and whitehats alike to take control of
huge networks of infected PCs. Read the full article. [The Register]

Stolen Credit Card Data Is Worth $1.50

A glut of stolen data — combined with innovation and cutthroat
competition among vendors — is conspiring to keep prices for stolen
account numbers exceptionally low. Read the full article. [KrebsonSecurity]

Long Beach, California man who helped funnel stolen cash to a global network of
hackers and carders was sentenced Thursday to 6 years in prison for
conspiracy to launder money.
 Cesar Carranza, 38, sold MSR-206’s to carders to encode stolen bank card
data onto blank cards, and he served as a conduit to transmit stolen
money between mules and carders. Read the full article. [Wired]

Fifty-three individuals were charged today in connection with
widespread, sophisticated identity theft and fraud, including 43
individuals charged with participating in one large-scale criminal
enterprise, United States Attorney Paul J. Fishman and FBI Special Agent
in Charge Michael B. Ward announced. Read the full statement. [FBI Newark]

A recent chat with an individual who was almost tricked into helping organized criminals launder thousands of dollars stolen through e-banking fraud displayed one of the more clever and convincing money mule recruitment Web sites encountered. Read the full article. [KrebsonSecurity]

Organized cyber thieves stole more than $600,000 from the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa
earlier this month with the help of
dozens of unwitting co-conspirators hired through work-at-home job
scams, at least one of whom was told the money was being distributed to
victims of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandals. Read the full article. [KrebsonSecurity]

Federal prosecutors say they have have extradited one of the leaders of
an international crime ring accused of hacking in to bank card processor
RBS WorldPay and stealing more than $9.4m in a 12-hour period. Read the full article. [The Register]

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