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Steam’s 35 Million Users Compromised in Hack

Gamers who use the digital distribution network Steam were warned that their account information may have been exposed to hackers following a compromise of the company’s Web page and back end databases.  The incident yielded a slew of sensitive customer information, including user’s passwords and encrypted credit card numbers, Steam said.

In the midst of an apparent civil war, the online hacking collective, Anonymous, has issued yet another public statement denying responsibility for a damaging hack of Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) and claiming that Sony is trying to shift blame for “internal problems” onto Anonymous.

Sony’s online gaming platform, The PlayStation Network (PSN), continued a five day outage on Monday after what the company described as an “attack” on its network knocked PSN offline on April 20. And hope is fading for a fast resolution, with Sony saying it is revamping the network to make it more secure.

The craze in online games among Chinese netizens is fuelling an increasingly lucrative real-world market for computer hackers, security firms have said.  A report by state broadcaster CCTV said Trojan-horse attacks, which allow hackers remote access to a targeted computer system, make up a market expected to be worth 10 billion yuan (S$2 billion) this year.  Read the full story []

Guest editorial by Gunter OllmannBotnets come in all shapes and sizes and if you can’t find one that fits your unique purposes off-the-rack, it’s trivial to create a custom one using a do-it-yourself construction kit – which helps to explain the diversity we’re seeing within the enterprise. In general though, enterprise-targeted botnets tend to be a different breed – make use of enterprise-specific functionality (e.g. being proxy aware and exploiting vulnerabilities over the network that would be blocked by perimeter firewalls) – and their objectives tend to be more “refined” and clearly criminal.

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