Online Scams

Scammers are offering prospective marks an application that supposedly shields them from exposure to survey scams. Naturally, you first have to fill in a survey to install the script,
which is punted through Userscripts(dot)org. Read the full article. [The Register]

Upscale grocery conglomerate Whole Foods Market said it is
continuing to clamp down on a series of Facebook-based scams that
entice users with a purported $500 gift card from the Austin,
Texas-based supermarket chain. Read the full article. [CNet]

A new blended email threat appears to be a security alert from
eBay, said researchers. The email message with the subject line “eBay Procedural Warning
– Security Alert,” is addressed to “Dear eBay Member,” and warns
recipients that the sender has “detected security issues on behalf of
your account.” Read the full article. [Help Net Security]

Renukanth Subramaniam, 33, who had previously plead guilty was sentenced to 46 months for conspiracy to defraud and 10 months
for five counts of mortgage fraud, the terms to run consecutively. Also
sentenced was Darkmarket user John McHugh, 66, who had the sign in “Devilman” and created fake credit cards
that were sold through the site. Read the full article. [BBC News]

Twitter users were being hit on Wednesday with what seems to be the
second phishing attack this week, according to researchers. The latest attack features a message that says “This you????” followed by a link that leads to a fake Twitter log-in page. Read the full article. [cnet]

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