Behind The Mask, Accused LulzSec Members Left Trail Of Clues Online

When the long arm of the law reached in to arrest members of Anonymous’s senior leadership on Tuesday, speculation immediately turned to the identities of the six men behind the Guy Fawkes mask. With the benefit of hindsight, it turns out that many had been hiding in plain site, with day jobs, burgeoning online lives and – for those who knew where to look – plenty of clues about their extra curricular activities on behalf of the world’s most famous hacking crew.

Pentagon Adds Cyber-Weapons to List of Arms

The Pentagon is compiling a list of offensive cyber-weapons capable of deliberately crippling or destroying an adversary’s critical infrastructure according to a recent report in the Washington Post.This collection of cyber weapons is part of a broader list of weapons approved by the Pentagon for use against America’s enemies.

what is being described as a “deliberate and sophisticated crime,” the
Guardian newspaper in the U.K. says the careers section of its Web site
was hacked, exposing sensitive data belonging to about half a million

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