Operation Aurora

Of Night Dragons and Silver Bullets

By Marc MaiffretReading the headlines today one could not help but notice the latest
installment of “scary Chinese hacker press” making the headlines. And
who can blame the news media for latching on to this story as it has all
the right ingredients: foreign governments targeting U.S. interests,
catchy nicknames like Night Dragon, connections to a previous scary
threat “Operation Aurora” and a timely announcement leading up to one of
the security industry’s biggest conferences in San Francisco next week,
RSA. Wait, what?

Remember Aurora–and Other Botnets

By Gunter Ollmann, DamballaLast night my attention was drawn to a couple of blog entries
relating to Google and the attacks they fell victim to earlier this
year. These attacks were eventually labeled as “Operation Aurora” by
McAfee (based upon the presence of the “aurora” keyword embedded within
some of the malware).

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