OPM hack

5.6 Million Fingerprints Stolen In OPM Hack

It turns out roughly 5.6 million individuals may have had their fingerprints stolen as part of this year’s mammoth Office of Personnel Management breach – a figure five times what the agency initially announced back in June.

Officials at the United States Census Bureau say that the attackers who compromised one of the bureau’s databases last week did not get access to any confidential information, but only data such as names and phone numbers of organizations that submit information to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse. The data breach appears to have hit only […]

UPDATE–The ever-expanding data breach at the Office of Personnel Management has now spread to include the Social Security numbers and other personal data of a total of 21.5 million people, and the toll also now includes the agency’s director, Katherine Archuleta, who resigned Friday morning. Archuleta had been under an increasing amount of pressure ever […]

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