Battle brewing over cybersecurity in Washington

There is a good old-fashioned backroom brawl shaping up in Washington over the cybersecurity issue, and the forces are aligning in some interesting ways on a variety of different sides of the debate. The latest installment in this long-running drama involves not just the fight over which, if any, of the numerous House and Senate bills addressing cybersecurity will ever see the light of day, but also the wisdom of handing authority for federal information security to the White House.

Senate bill proposes sweeping changes to U.S. cybersecurity

By Joby Warrick and Walter Pincus, Washington Post

Federal legislators are working on a bill that would make major changes to the way that both government and private networks are protected. The Washington Post reports that the legislation not only will include more enforcement for regulations, but also will push for a federal cybersecurity czar to be stationed in the White House, a measure that security experts have been recommending for years.

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