OwnStar Attack Now Aimed at BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes Cars

The OwnStar attack that hacker Samy Kamkar revealed late last month can be used against not only GM vehicles, but cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Chrysler, as well. The attack allows Kamkar to intercept the traffic from nearby mobile phones that have specific apps open that control safety and security features on their vehicles. […]

Threatpost News Wrap, July 31, 2015

Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso discuss the hacked sniper rifle, the huge Android bug in Stagefright, Samy Kamkar’s OwnStar device, and the joy and pain of next week’s Black Hat conference.

OwnStar Device Can Remotely Locate, Unlock, and Start GM Cars

Car hacking just jumped up a few levels. A security researcher has built a small device that can intercept the traffic from the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app and give him persistent access to a user’s vehicle to locate, unlock, and start it. The device is called OwnStar and it’s the creation of Samy Kamkar, a security researcher […]

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