Skype: Client Error Causes Global Outage

In response to a 24 hour outage that occurred last week on
their internet voice and video chat platform, Skype’s Chief Information Officer has revealed that an error in some versions of the company’s software client is to blame. 

The Federal Trade Commission today finally voiced concern about the long-known problem of data leaking into criminal hands via LimeWire, BearShare, Kazaa and dozens of other  peer-to-peer (p2p)  file sharing networks. The FTC put nearly 100 companies and agencies on notice that their employees appear to be regularly leaking large amounts of sensitive customer and employee data on popular peer-to-peer, or P2P, file-sharing networks.  Read the full story [The Last Watchdog]

From Techworld (Maxwell Cooter)

Enterprises are struggling to control the use of consumer applications within the workplace, despite the panoply of security tools being used within corporates.

According to new research [paloaltonetworks.com], nearly half of all bandwidth within corporate environments is being consumed by personal applications such as YouTube, peer-to-peer filesharing and various other consumer applications. Peer-to-peer is a particularly frequent problem, and according to the research, an average of six P2P  applications were found in 92 percent of the organisations surveyed. Read the full story [cio.com]

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