patient data breaches

Non-profit Hospice Hit with Large Fine for Small Data Breach

An Idaho non-profit hospice has been fined $50,000 for losing a laptop containing unencrypted data on 441 patients.The laptop was stolen in February 2011 from a hospice worker’s car and never retrieved, according to news accounts. But Hospice of North Idaho officials say there is no evidence the personal information has been used to commit identity theft or fraud.

University of Michigan Health Systems Admits Patient Data Stolen

UPDATE – Some 4,000 University of Michigan Health Systems patients had their medical data compromised last month when a vendor’s laptop containing medication log files was stolen from a vehicle.That medication management provider, Mountain View, Calif.-based Omnicell, admits it violated both its own and UMHS hospitals’ data storage policies when it left patients’ demographics, medication regimes and admissions records on an unsecured device that was stolen from an Omnicell employee’s car on Nov. 14.

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