Paul Roberts

Mobile Payments: Is Security Taking a Back Seat?

As smartphone technology evolves so does the way we access and interact with the Internet. Today your smartphone is used both as a phone and a computer. For many users, in 3-5 years your smartphone will also become your wallet. With new applications being developed daily, the mobile payments market is expected to reach unprecedented  growth by 2014. As this market rapidly expands, is security taking a back seat to technology?

Surviving a Security Breach

The topic of this program is often how to prevent security issues and attacks, but the reality is that company’s need to understand attacks and how to respond to attacks after they happen. In this episode, Alex Horan of Core Security and Ted Julian of Co3 join Threatpost Editor Paul Roberts to discuss what happens after the breach.

Virtualization: Threats and Protections For SMBs

Join Paul Roberts, Threatpost editor, and his guests, Michael Guigli, CEO of CloudConnect and Tim Armstrong, Malware Researcher at Kaspersky Lab as they discuss Virtualization and the security challenges faced by small businesses.

Join Paul Roberts, Threatpost editor, and our panel of experts as they discuss security regulations, concerns and challenges within the Education market. Along with Paul, Steve Mazzola of Belmont Public Schools, David Escalante of Boston College and Josh Corman of the 451 Group provide hands-on insight into this market.


We write a lot about sophisticated, targeted attacks and zero day vulnerabilities aside. But the fact is that most security breaches hinge on easy to prevent security holes – such as insecure passwords. Indeed, even as headlines blare about data breaches and hacks at prominent firms, password management remains a weak spot in the defense of many businesses.

How is defending your network and users from sophisticated cyber attacks like fending off a zombie invasion? Funny you should ask! In an interview with Threatpost Editor Paul Roberts, Josh Corman, the Research Director in the Enterprise Security Practice at the 451 Group reprises a 2011 RSA Conference presentation, with security luminary Alex Hutton, “Metrics are Bunk: The Zombie Apocalypse, Baseball, and Security Metrics.”

By Paul F. Roberts, The 451 Group
The security of smartphones such as the iPhone, Windows Mobile devices and the T-Mobile G1 has come under a lot of scrutiny lately. Each device has its own unique security model, and in the case of the iPhone, Apple has kept its platform closed to third-party security vendors. But that’s not stopping some of them from making an end run around Apple and creating their own security applications for the hugley popular device.

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