PCI Compliance

Woman Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison for ‘Cashing In’ on Hacking Scheme

A Nigerian woman this week was sentenced to 2 years, six months in a U.S. prison for taking part in “one of the most sophisticated and organized computer hacking and ATM cashout schemes ever perpetrated,” according to the FBI.

Sonya Martin, 45, was part of a hacking cell that used sophisticated techniques to break the encryption used by payment processor WorldPay US to protect some 1.5 million worldwide customers’ payroll debit card accounts. Employers used the debit cards to pay workers instead of issuing paper checks.

PCI DSS In Full Effect in Nevada and NH

On January 1, 2010, two important state data security and privacy laws
took effect in Nevada and New Hampshire that create new
obligations for most companies that do business in Nevada and for
health care providers and business associates in New Hampshire. Read the full article. [Hunton & Williams Law Blog]

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