Retailer Challenges Visa $13.2M PCI Fine in Court

Genesco Inc., a Tennessee-based shoe retailer, is taking Visa to court in what is being reported as the first case challenging fines and penalties levied by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) under which Genesco was fined $13.3 million.

Slideshow: Ten Weird Biometrics In Your Future

VIEW SLIDESHOW: Weird Science: 10 Forms of Biometric Authentication In the past twenty years, we’ve gone from using amber-tinted dumb terminals connected to refrigerator-sized mainframe computers to sleek tablet computers and smart phones tucked into our pockets. Despite those changes, one technology has stubbornly persisted: passwords. Indeed, the explosion in computing devices and Web-based services has made us more dependent on passwords than ever.

Google announced its long-awaited mobile payments platform, Google
Wallet, in New York City on Thursday. The company claims it will
revolutionize commerce. But with stories about massive data breaches and
hacks an almost daily occurance, consumers are most concerned about
whether Google Wallet is secure. Here’s what you need to know.

I worked in my share of kitchens when I was younger. I washed dishes, made salads, sous cheffed and worked the grill as a short order cook. And let me say this: one rule you learn when you work in the kitchen is – to borrow a phrase from the folks in ‘Vegas – ‘what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen.’ That includes the mouse turds in the pantry, the creative application of wilted vegetables, your colleagues suspect personal hygiene and the waitresses’ liberal application of the five second rule.

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