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How I Got Here: Katie Moussouris

Dennis Fisher talks with Katie Moussouris of Microsoft about her childhood exploits with Commodore 64 programming, ignoring her Barbies, growing up as a hacker, her days as a pen tester and the challenges of working on security at Microsoft.

A new Ubuntu Linux distribution is being marketed as “Anonymous-OS” and comes pre-loaded with tools for hacking and protecting anonymity online. However, it is unclear whether the new operating system was created by the anarchic hacking group, or even has its endorsement.

by Fergal Glynn, Director of Marketing, VeracodeI recently read a blog post by CloudFlare and Shawn Graham that asked a fantastic (and timely) question: “Do Hackers Take The Holidays Off?” CloudFlare sees traffic for hundreds of thousands of websites and was able to answer the question. They looked at the average percentage of requests that constitute threats, graphed the deviation, and then overlaid any events happening on those days. Their conclusion: it depends on the holiday.

It’s been tried before, but NSS Labs founder Rick Moy says his company’s new Exploit Hub – a store front for exploit code – can work. In an interview with, he explains why the current market for exploits doesn’t work for the good guys, and why zero day exploits don’t help anyone. 

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