Malware Spreading Through Phony FDIC Alerts

There are reports of phony FDIC notification e-mails tricking computers users into installing the ZBot identity-theft Trojan. The e-mails
tell the recipients that their banks have filed for bankruptcy and that
the banks’ asserts are now under the control of the FDIC. The links
offered in the message lead to a page that offers users a chance to see
their “personal FDIC insurance file(s),” but which actually installs
the Zeus or ZBot Trojan on their PCs.  See the FDIC warning []

Twitter Warns About New Phishing Attack

Twitter warned on Wednesday about a new phishing attack in which direct
messages to users link to a fake log-in page that steals passwords.
“We’ve seen a few phishing attempts today; if you’ve received a strange
(direct message), and it takes you to a Twitter log-in page, don’t do
it!” the Twitter spam warning says. Read the full story [CNet/Elinor Mills]

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