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IBM Report: Mobile Attacks, Phishing Attacks Mount in 2011

Spam volume is down, there are fewer unpatched software holes and oftware application developers did a better job of writing secure code over the last year. But IBM’s X-Force Trend and Risk Report still found plenty to worry about in 2011, according to a copy of the report released this week.  

After months as a consumer-only beta, Google finally opened up its Google+ social network to companies this week, launching Google Brand pages. While response to the new brand pages was tepid (Robert Scoble penned a rather scathing review), it didn’t take long for folks poking around the new feature to identify a serious shortcoming: Google brand pages allow pretty much anyone to stake out a page for any brand, regardless of their affiliation with it.

The clock is ticking for Apple to issue a patch for the iOS operating system that powers iPhones, iPods and iPads following the release of a remote exploit that uses specially crafted PDF files to defeat iOS’s content protection mechanisms and “jailbreak” mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. 

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