60 Minutes Weighs Stuxnet’s Legacy

The security community might understand what the Stuxnet worm did. Now the war is over what the worm means – Stuxnet’s legacy, if you will. The latest to weigh in on that question is Steve Croft, of the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

Bloody Valentine For Critical Infrastructure: EtherNet/IP Exploit Could Crash Devices

Security researchers made good on a promise to release new exploits for programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The exploits include one targeting a flaw in the implementation of the EtherNet/IP (Industrial Protocol) used in many IP-enabled PLCs. The security hole, if left unaddressed, could enable a remote attacker to crash or unexpectedly reboot the devices, which are critical components of almost every industrial – and critical infrastructure installation.

In news that seems like it could be lifted from an old 24 or Prison Break plotline, authorities are concerned by new research that claims hackers could remotely open the cell doors of federal prisons.In addition to staging a jailbreak, hackers could sabotage a prison’s intercom system and closed-circuit television system to cause further nightmares for federal authorities.

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