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Coreflood Takedown Raises Questions About Offensive Actions Against Botnets

For just about as long as there have been botnets, there’s been an ongoing discussion in the security and law-enforcement communities about the legality and ethics of taking proactive steps to disrupt the botnets’ operations and even to remove the bots from infected machines. Until very recently, those discussions have been theoretical, but now the government has asked a court for permission to clean millions of Coreflood bot-infected PCs, moving the questions from the realm of “what if” to “now what.”


iPhones, Location and Threats to Your Assets

By B.K. DeLong

In following the Apple
iPhone location tracking conversation, I’ve thought of another interesting
point not quite raised or being examined, similar to the issue of making
potential high-value targets out of high-profile executives at Fortune 500
firms simply by using
email addresses and other information contained within the Epsilon breach.


Forget Epsilon, Fear the Angry Bird

By Andrew StormsNo doubt you read about the huge email security breach Epsilon announced earlier this month. You may have received letters from companies that use Epsilon services about the possible loss of your email information. A lot of people are justifiably concerned that spear phishing and other nefarious attacks will be launched against millions of people as a result of that breach.


Report: iPhones Track Movement Even With Location Services Disabled

Categories: Social Engineering

The ongoing controversy over a hidden feature in Apple iPhones that tracks and stores the whereabouts of the phone became a bit murkier, after an analysis by the Wall Street Journal found that Apple may not be abiding by its own user privacy agreement by continuing to  track its customers’ whereabouts even after location services on its iPhones have been.