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Baby Boomers may not be perceived as tech savvy as Millenials, but they apparently are better at protecting their digital assets. A new British study believed to be the largest of its kind shows those 55 and older tend to pick passwords with twice the strength of those under 25. It also indicates those who prefer to use German and Korean languages chose the strongest passwords; Indonesian speakers, the weakest.


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Combine the rapid adoption of mobile devices with the behavior of some companies developing applications for them, and what do you get? A pocket-sized, portable privacy liability. Veracode explores the consequences of rampant data-mining and the importance of finding the balance between function and privacy in this infographic published today.


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In addition to watching what you say at the office, you may want to be extra careful what you post about work on blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

This admonishment is not new, but a Gartner report predicts up to 60 percent of corporations worldwide will monitor employees’ social media use for security breaches within the next three years. Currently, only 10 percent of companies keep tabs on what employees say about them online and its mainly as reputation, rather than risk, management.