Apple, Google to Testify at Smart Phone Tracking Hearing

After a bruising series of revelations about location tracking features on mobile devices running their operating systems, Apple and Google will send executives to Capitol Hill to talk to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law about cell phone privacy.

Report: bin Laden Raid Yields Treasure Trove of Data

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Navy Seals hauled off a treasure trove of data, including computers, hard drives and portable storage devices, following their successful raid on the compound of Osama bin Laden – a raid that culminated with the death of the terrorist leader.

Bruce Schneier has been writing, talking and thinking about security for a long time, and in this talk from the TEDxPSU conference sponsored by Penn State, Schneier discusses the realities and the mirages of security and what they mean for real people.

For just about as long as there have been botnets, there’s been an ongoing discussion in the security and law-enforcement communities about the legality and ethics of taking proactive steps to disrupt the botnets’ operations and even to remove the bots from infected machines. Until very recently, those discussions have been theoretical, but now the government has asked a court for permission to clean millions of Coreflood bot-infected PCs, moving the questions from the realm of “what if” to “now what.”

Apple may be trying to change the spin on its controversial location tracking, err…harvesting feature. The company issued a FAQ this week and pulled CEO Steve Jobs off of medical leave to argue the company’s case and quell concerns about the little known feature that include calls for an explanation from Capitol Hill lawmakers. 

In a letter to the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) expressed concerns regarding recent revelations that Apple products have been continuously tracking and recording user location information with questionable consent and without an easy way to opt out of such tracking.

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