U.S. Backs Research Into What Makes Cyber Criminals Tick

The following is an exclusive Threatpost interview with Samuel Weber, Program Director for the National Science Foundation’s Trustworthy Computing Program. The interview took place on Monday, June 27, 2011 at the RFIDSec 11 Conference on the campus of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

U.S. Playing Catch Up in Security for Contactless Devices

AMHERST, MASS.– The U.S. may boast the world’s largest economy, richest technology companies and a lion’s share of its top research universities. But when it comes to the subject of security of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) and other contactless technologies, America is still playing catch-up.

Experts Converge at RFIDsec to Discuss NFC Security Implications

RFID security problems have been biting at the ankles of users and companies that deploy the technology for several years now, but they’ve been mostly on the fringes of mainstream security concerns. But now, as the technology becomes more widespread and pervasive, that is beginning to change.

Google is working on a fix for a newly discovered vulnerability affecting Nexus S Android phones that could cause applications on the phone to crash using incorrectly formated Near Field Communications (NFC) transactions.

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