Roel Schouwenberg

Iran CERT Reports New Data-Wiping Malware

Computer systems in Iran are being targeted by a new strain of malware that is capable of wiping disk partitions clean of files. Security researchers are calling the attacks simplistic, yet effective.Researchers at Kaspersky Lab said the malware launches only on pre-determined dates and will delete all files on drives D through I. It also deletes user profiles and will wipe all files on the computer’s desktop.

Fake AV Scareware Passively Served

A piece of fake anti-virus scareware, Antivirus 8, has been
infecting computers via ICQ in recent days according
to Roel Schouwenberg at Securelist.
What makes this fake antivirus popup intriguing is that it appears infecting
users who are not actively using their computer.

Some Researchers Lack Basic Ethics

By Roel Schouwenberg
upon a time we were living in a world where creating malware, then
still called viruses, was a very bad thing to do. These days, people
seem much more relaxed with the idea of someone writing malware.

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