Rogue Antivirus

A New Spin on Rogue Antivirus

Rogue antivirus malware is on the decline, but a new, simpler version of that threat that simply redirects users to the site of a fake malware protection service has been infecting users around the world.

Get Your New Video Codecs–and Scareware

Scareware gangs have been using pretty much the same tactics since the dawn of time. Or at least since 2005. They compromise Web sites, use them as jumping off points for pop-up boxes that aim to terrify the citizenry into thinking their PCs are infected and downloading fake security software. But now, at least some of the crews are shifting their techniques to a much more subtle trick that waits for the victims to try to watch a video and then pounces.

Computer security experts have been forecasting the arrival of malicious programs that target Apple’s products for so long that they had begun to sound like the kind of Rapturistas and Mayan Calendar sleuths that we all (smartly) ignore. But if May didn’t bring Harold Camping’s Judgement Day, as predicted
(Update: its now October 21st, y’all!), it did prove those Apple
doomsayers correct as real Mac-focused crimeware and rogue antivirus
appeared in the wild.

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