How I Got Here: Robert “Rsnake” Hansen

Dennis Fisher talks with Robert Hansen, a renowned security researcher, about his early days climbing telephone poles to clip into phone lines, how he got his start in the security world, the evolution of from early webrings and what he’s learned along the way.

Gaining Precision in Information Leakage Attacks

By Robert HansenIt’s hard to narrow down your life’s work into
one interesting event or tidbit. Even
picking 10 would be tough. So instead
of picking something I am well-known for, I wanted to look for something I had
a lot of fun coming up with that you probably didn’t read. I’ve always been interested in information
leakage as an exploit class. It’s
something most people like to overlook, in favor of the higher-profile
exploits. Sure, it’s a lot sexier to
go after the direct administrative compromise, but I enjoy the nuances of
piecing together big puzzles. Information leakage as a class provides me that kind of mental

Robert Hansen on Privacy and Google

Dennis Fisher talks with security researcher Robert “Rsnake” Hansen about how online privacy became such a mess, Google’s effect on personal privacy and the virtual impossibility of using the Internet without using Google’s services.

Enterprise IT security staffs looking for some mitigation for the newly released HTTP DoS tool may have a few options. The analysts at the SANS Internet Storm Center are recommending that organizations running Web servers that are vulnerable to the tool’s attack make some basic configuration changes to their servers to help mitigate the effects of the attack.

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