Rustock botnet

Rustock Author May Be Former Google Hopeful

As Microsoft’s crusade against the Rustock botnet continues, a new article from Brian Krebs claims the formerly prolific botnet’s author may be a self-described mathematician and software engineer who once sought employment from Google.

Alex Lanstein on the Rustock Botnet Takedown

Dennis Fisher talks with Alex Lanstein of FireEye about this week’s takedown of the Rustock botnet, the important legal precedent it helped set with Microsoft’s lawsuit and the mechanics behind the operation and dismantling of large-scale botnets.

The amount of spam hitting users’ inboxes fell off a cliff in late December, with many security experts attributing the decline to the sudden disappearance of the Rustock botnet and other networks from the spam business. But the level of spam has begun to gain back some of the ground it lost today as other spammers have taken up the slack.

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