SCADA and ICS security

Open Serial Port Connections to SCADA, ICS and IT Gear Discovered

Serial port servers are admittedly old school technology that you might think had been phased out as new IT, SCADA and industrial control system equipment has been phased in. Metasploit creator HD Moore cautions you to think again. Moore recently revealed that through his Critical IO project research, he discovered 114,000 such devices connected to […]

ICS Vulnerabilities Surface as Monitoring Systems Integrate with Digital Backends

Draped across the automobile’s front license plate is a printout, attached like it came off a roll of Scotch Tape. On the printout is a SQL statement; probably the last thing anyone would expect to see as a hood ornament. No one knows where the photograph came from or whether someone was trying to be funny, or legitimately trying to compromise the backend system controlling the traffic camera in the same photo. But one thing is for sure, this clever stunt has helped shed light on the insecurity of control systems.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The world of SCADA and industrial control system vulnerabilities is starting to mirror that of IT security, not only in the demonstration and exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities, but in the brokering of flaws and exploits between hackers and organizations interested in buying research.

When it comes to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure, there are generally more questions than answers. And for the last 10 months or so, the volume of concern and uncertainty has ramped up, largely because there’s little in the way of productive information sharing on threats, a serious lack of centralized leadership coordinating cybersecurity efforts among public and private sector interests, and attacks and vulnerabilities run largely unabated.

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