Scott Charney

Short list emerges for cybersecurity czar job

The first reports of the short list for the job of federal cybersecurity coordinator are beginning to trickle out, and while some of the names are all too familiar, many others are quite new to the national scene.

The Importance of Internet Identity and Anonymity

By George V. Hulme

Last year, Craig Mundie issued a call to arms for a more “trustworthy Internet” — not that Microsoft has been entirely successful at implementing its arguably more humble Trustworthy Computing initiative. But let’s not let the computing industry’s failure to bring forward operating systems, web servers, or even Web browsers that don’t get gummed with malware, or pwned by exploits stop us for shooting for the Holy Grail of computing: a complete chain-of-trust throughout the Internet, from the bottom to the top, called End to End trust.

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