IT staffs pressured to relax Web security

From (Rob Westervelt)

IT managers are under pressure from the top executives in their organizations to relax their policies on Web security in order to make users more productive. A new survey of more than 1,000 IT managers found that sales and marketing personnel also are leaning on IT staffs to make life easier for users who already are using tools such as Google Apps and social networking sites on their own.

How to defend against botnet attacks

Botnets have become one of the more insidious threats on the Internet in the last few years. Large-scale botnets such as the Storm, Asprox and Nugache networks have caused tremendous problems by serving as platforms for spamming operations, DDoS attacks and other mischief. In this podcast from, Rob Westervelt talks with Brian Rexroad of AT&T Labs about the company’s botnet research program.

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