Security audits

Ten Percent of IT Pros Falsify Security Audits

According to a survey of 242 IT
professionals, 1 in 10 admitted that either they or a colleague have cheated
to get an IT audit passed. However, it isn’t all bad news; compared to a
similar survey conducted in 2009 the number of people admitting to
cheating has halved in number. Read the full article. [Help Net Security]

Security Audits: Important but Rare

From eSecurityPlanet (Larry Barrett)

Securing data networks is important enough for the majority of companies to hire outside security firms to audit their systems but only about one in three bother to have their network audited every year, according to a new survey conducted by VanDyke Software and independent researcher Amplitude Research.

At time when enterprise companies, government agencies and Average Joes are doing everything they can to protect sensitive data, the survey reveals both an admirable willingness on the part of most IT departments to pony up for external expertise and an astonishing lack of follow through to keep data secure for the long haul. Read the full story []

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