Security Holes

Massive Hack At Gawker Yields Trove of Passwords

A massive hack of systems belonging to online publishing giant Gawker Media has put gigabytes of sensitive information related to Gawker founder Nick Denton and the company’s operations online. But a trove of millions of hashed account passwords could be an even bigger problem for untold numbers of individuals, companies and government agencies.

Group to Publish ‘Month of Vulns’ Starting Sept. 1

Starting tomorrow, a little-known group of security researchers will
kick off a month of bug disclosures that target unpatched
vulnerabilities in software from Adobe, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple and
others. Read the full article. [Computerworld]

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has
completed a security extension to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
protocol that fixes a flaw affecting browsers, servers, smart cards,
and VPN products, as well as many lower-profile devices, such as
Webcams, that contain the protocol embedded in their firmware. Read the full article. [Dark Reading]

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