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Apple Fixes 13 Bugs in Major OS X Patch Release

Apple released a patch Tuesday that fixes more than a dozen bugs, including a critical remote code-execution flaw in Apple Type Services. The patch release also includes a fix for a flaw in CFNetwork that enabled an attacker to intercept user credentials and other sensitive data silently on a network.

Apple Ships Critical iTunes for Windows Patch

Apple has shipped a critical iTunes update to fix a security vulnerability that exposes Windows users to malicious hacker attacks.The latest iTunes 9.2.1 is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Apple has shipped a critical security patch for its iTunes media player to fix several gaping security holes that expose Windows users to hacker attacks.The vulnerabilities could be exploited to launch remote code execution attacks if a user simply opens an image file or surfs to a rigged Web site.

Apple has shipped a patch to cover five documented vulnerabilities that expose iPhone and iPod Touch users to malicious hacker attacks. The most serious flaw could allow remote code execution if an iPhone/iPod Touch user opens audio and image files.

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