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New Bug in Internet Explorer Used in Targeted Attacks

There’s a new flaw in all of the current versions of Internet Explorer that is being used in some targeted attacks right now. Microsoft has confirmed the bug and said it is working on a fix, but has no timeline for the patch release yet. The company did not rule out an emergency out-of-band patch, however.

Microsoft Releases Huge Patch Tuesday Update For 49 Bugs

Microsoft has released its largest-ever bundle of patches, pushing out 16 updates that fix a total of 49 individual vulnerabilities. The patches include updates for six critical vulnerabilities, most notably a huge fix for some remote code-execution bugs in various versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Warns of Attacks Against ASP.NET Flaw

Microsoft is warning customers that it has seen ongoing attacks against the recently disclosed padding oracle vulnerability in ASP.NET and is encouraging them to implement a workaround that will help protect against the publicly disclosed exploit for the bug.

A day after Microsoft released information on the remotely exploitable DLL-hijacking vulnerability that affects dozens of Windows applications, researchers are starting to discover exactly which pieces of software are vulnerable. The list so far includes PowerPoint, Wireshark and some applications that are included by default with Windows Vista, and possibly Windows 7.

SAN FRANCISCO–The Stuxnet attack has been making headlines for several weeks now, thanks to the fact that includes a pair of zero-day vulnerabilities and also has drivers signed by a stolen digital certificate. However, the real story of this novel malware attack may not be its tactics but its creator, which security experts say could be a nation-state.

Microsoft is changing the way in which it handles vulnerability disclosures, now moving to a model it calls coordinated vulnerability disclosure, in which the researcher and the vendor work together to verify a vulnerability and allow ample time for a patch. However, the new philosophy also recognizes that if there are attacks already happening, it may be necessary to release details of the flaw even before a patch is ready.

Microsoft has released a FixIt tool for the unpatched LNK Windows shell vulnerability and also has updated its guidance on how to deal with the flaw. The company also said it is continuing to work on developing a patch for the vulnerability.

Microsoft has released four new security bulletins in the July 2010 edition of patch Tuesday. These bulletins address five vulnerabilities.It is not uncommon, and has become expected, for a light patch Tuesday to follow a heavy patch Tuesday release from Microsoft.  Last month, Microsoft released a hefty load of patches with 10 security bulletins addressing 34 vulnerabilities.

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